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5/1/2017 Michelle

Another question I have is that when I clip my toenails I noticed that the toenail has a very strong scent of parmesan cheese but it doesn't look yellow like usual toe fungus. I was just wondering what this could be and how do I treat it? It's been like this for years now.

The smell is related to the debries building up at the nail corners with fungal contamination. Fungus is not visible without microscope unless you see their colonies in the form of mold. Nails that look discolored and deformed are due to fungal infection and the only way you can confirm the infection is by culturing the infected nail. I don't think you have fundal infection yet but we all have fungus in our shoes, carpets, and our showers. If you like, you can schedule appointment for further evaluation of your problem. Best Dr Roohian

What is a broken toe?

11/19/2016 Laguna Moonlight

I was told that I have a broken toe but I am not sure what that is. Can it be treated? Please advice doctor. Thank you.

Hi. Broken toe is same as fractured toe. There are 2 bones in big toe and 3 bones in small toes. Usually when any of these bones fractured, we advice the patient to minimize their activities and we give them special shoe to wear for few weeks. Also splinting the toe to the adjacent toe is helpful. Unless the fractured parts are displaced, there is a need for surgery. Please feel free to contact our office for further help.

toenail fungus

9/22/2014 Valerie

I have had what I believe to be toenail fungus or onychomycosis of virtually all of my toenails on both feet for several years. I first noticed it after losing my left big toenail from hiking 14,000 foot peaks for several years. It then seems to have spread to the other nails on both feet, but is less severe. Can your laser treatment cure this problem and, if so, can you please tell me what the cost of treatment is? I am currently 61 years old, but my primary insurance is Medicare due to diagnosis with Parkinson's disease for 22 years. I also have a Medigap policy through AARP. Do you know if insurance would cover the cost of treatment? I have tried several topical treatments, but none have totally cured the problem.

Dear Valerie The best way to find out if you are having a fungus is to send the nail to the lab for culture result. A lot of times the black nail is due to trauma. If you come to our office, we can explain to you your treatment options. We also have special Laser to get rid of fungal infections. Please call at your convenience to make appointment. Laser is not covered by any insurance but we have special discounted packages. We need to culture that nail first then we discuss your treatment options. Doctor's consultation and lab works are covered with your insurance. Best Dr Roohian & staff

Heel pain.

9/6/2013 Moon Buster

I have a sever heel pain. What do I need to do?

You need to wear comfortable shoes.

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